Lighting and Italian manufacturers, the tradition of Nervilamp

Our country is famous all over the world for so many different reasons that it is difficult to find something that connects all the talents of our fellow citizens. Yet, if we think about it, we could sum up all the things we are known for with a single phrase: Italians do things in style. We make art in style, we cook in style, our works in the fashion industry define style, and we create pieces of design in style. 

Ever since the concept of design was born, Italy and its professionals have always been at the centre of the scene, thanks to original ideas and manual skills that are envied everywhere. In the lighting sector too, Italian manufacturers are among the most highly rated; and how could it be otherwise, when the products created every year by these great names are able to stand out from all the others.

It is from this great tradition that Nervilamp was born, a small Italian entrepreneurial reality known all over the world for its collections of lighting solutions inspired by Baroque art and the splendour of the Italian houses of the past. There are many reasons why, when talking about lighting and Italian manufacturers, it is impossible not to mention the name of the Nerviano’s company; let’s discover them together!

Lighting and Italian manufacturers: all about Nervilamp

Nervilamp had already created many of its iconic chandeliers when Italian designers still considered lighting as an almost entirely unexplored field. In fact, it was back in 1960 that one of the companies that contributed to making Italian style even better known beyond national borders was established. 

Once, Italian lighting manufacturers limited themselves to using lamps and chandeliers in a functional way, nothing more than to give light to a certain area of the house. Today, thanks to forerunners such as Nervilamp, lighting solutions are seen as design objects in their own right. Our crystal chandeliers are created to be the protagonists of a room, not just a small detail among many others. 

In order to be able to give so much personality to even our smallest products, we turn to two strengths of Italian design: materials of the highest quality and craftsmanship. There are no other lighting products by Italian manufacturers made from more precious crystals, ceramics and metals; only with Nervilamp can you bring such luxury into your home.

But it is the way these materials are processed that really makes the difference between Nervilamp’s collections and those by other Italian lighting manufacturers. We have very talented craftsmen on our team who are able to use these elements to create baroque-inspired masterpieces. Each of our products is the sum of many details that the artisans create with the utmost care and precision.

This incredible level of professionalism also allows us to offer a service that everyone envies: we are able to customise our products according to the customer’s needs, creating pieces in a sartorial manner. The dedication of Nervilamp and its staff to customer satisfaction is, in fact, the most important reason why we are still after 60 years relevant at international level.

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