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Production of tailor-made lighting products

The most exclusive lighting dreams are made possible through classic and contemporary decor with the highly personalised products in our catalogue.

Through a wide range of quality proposals, created with exclusive materials such as bronze, ceramic, blown glass and Austrian crystal, Nervilamp responds to the needs of private customers, professionals and companies by producing high-quality lighting solutions, custom-made on request. 

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Made in Italy quality guarantee

We always put passion and pride in what we do.

We start from the idea of the master craftsmen, who know how to combine shapes with the practicality of use, creating refined and elegant lines.


Suspension lights are a foundation of Italian-style furniture. Refined and elegant, Nervilamp chandeliers represent the essence of these decorative elements, which find a place in the most important environments of homes, professional studios, shops and accommodation facilities. By choosing the company’s chandeliers, adding class and exclusivity to a room has never been so simple.

Ceiling lamps

Thanks to their small size, the ceiling lights represent a lighting solution suitable for different types of rooms. The classic aesthetics of Nervilamp’s proposals allow people to furnish with class all interior spaces, whatever their size, without having to give up the majesty of the baroque style. The ceiling lights, moreover, guarantee an extraordinary degree of illumination to the rooms. The light spreads evenly, creating relaxing and welcoming environments.


Wall lamps are the ideal lighting products for those who want to add lighting points in a strategic way, both to improve the livability of environments and to create refined and original atmospheres. These proposals represent a crucial element for those who want to create unique light effects to embellish the rooms in which the lamps are installed.


With the Nervilamp collections, table lamps become design objects with which to furnish private and workspaces. Available in various versions, one more beautiful than the other, these lighting solutions become unique and fascinating accessories, just like the original models. The company also offers lampshades to make your purchases even more exclusive.


Available in crystal or cast brass, Nervilamp spotlights recall the style of the past. Excellent for illuminating rooms from above, they find space both on ceilings and false ceilings. The baroque taste in design makes these spotlights the ideal solution for those looking for lighting products that do not go unnoticed.

Furnishing accessories

Table lamps, spotlights, chandeliers and ceiling lights aren’t the only products Nervilamp fabricates. We also produce furnishing accessories in blown glass and brass fusion such as clocks and mirrors with refined and antiqued frames. All accessories are available in different finishes, to better adapt to the needs of customers.