light of made in italy craftsmanship

light of made in italy craftsmanship

light of made in italy craftsmanship

Nervilamp s.r.l.

Nervilamp, chandelier factory since 1960

Founded in 1960 by Giovanni Gorla, Nervilamp is a light fixture factory based in Nerviano, in the outskirt of Milan, that specialises in the production of interior lighting items. Prestige, perfection, elegance, sartorial care: these are the strengths that have characterised Nervilamp’s production for sixty years and that have contributed to making us one of the most renowned companies in the sector in Italy and the world.

Our range of lighting solutions includes table lamps, chandeliers, wall lamps, spotlights and ceiling lights with classic and baroque design.

The Nervilamp catalogue also includes furnishing accessories such as mirrors with ornate frames and table clocks in the typical style of the Bel Paese.

NERVILAMP made in italy





Production of classic light fixtures made of brass, crystal, blown glass and ceramics

All Nervilamp’s interior lighting items are designed and produced entirely in Italy by skilled craftsmen who know how to use the materials impeccably.

Brass, crystal, blown glass and ceramics, which have always represented the main elements of Italian furniture, are the basis of the production of our chandelier and lamp factory. Each product is a unique piece and can be customised through different finishes, available depending on the item’s material.

Always interested in showcasing the Made in Italy all over the world, our company exports its products to five continents, addressing private customers, companies, professionals and retailers located in different countries. For this reason, we make sure that every item that leaves our warehouse complies with CE international safety standards.

Also contributing to the success of Nervilamp is the focus on meeting customer needs in every possible way, including creating original designs and supplying large, medium and small scale items on demand.


Our decades of experience in designing luxury chandeliers boast the artistic skills of yesterday.


Processing techniques and materials are carefully chosen in the pursuit of perfection in every detail, to offer products that last over time.


Each creation recalls the ancient splendour of noble Italian living rooms, where the elegance of the chandelier was the undisputed focus.

custom made

The “hand-made” approach expresses our philosophy of customisation, where every single detail catches the light to give it new life.

100% italian

We are proud to feature an all-Italian production line. We carry out the entire creation process in our workshops.