Nervilamp, a special factory of light fixtures in Milan’s area

Have you ever heard of a manufacturer of light fixtures whose products are not only functional and high-quality but also actual proof of a very important part of Italy and Europe’s past? We have. We’re talking about Nervilamp, factory of light fixtures in Milan’s area famous all over the world for its artisanal creations.

The uniqueness of Nervilamp’s products lays in their clear Baroque inspiration; because for us, lamps are much more than tools you use to light up a room, they can be pieces of design through which improve the look and perception of an entire space. Everything that comes out of Nervilamp’s factory is richly-made and sumptuous, according to the aesthetic originated in the XVII century. Purchasing one of our products, you’d be able to take home with you a little piece of that incredible period and picture yourself living in one of that time’s grand palaces.

The designers and artisans that handle the creation of the ceiling lights and lamps by Nervilamp have thoroughly studied the art of the time; for this reason, they can put all its characteristics in their creations. In a time and place like today’s, in which most prefer a minimalist style that can quickly end up into boredom; it’s Nervilamp’s return to the past that gives us a pleasant sense of change and creativity. And what but a factory of lamps could make us rediscover all the charm of Baroque with its dramatic contrast between light and shadows? Like the spectacular masterpieces by the artists of the 1600s, our products can give more personality to your house and take it out of the present’s anonymity.

A luxury factory of light fixture in Milan

For over 60 years now, Nervilamp has conquered the role of international ambassador for Italian artisanal design; wherever our pieces arrive, people are won over by their uniqueness and the evident prowess of their creators. To us, artisanal luxury is the constant pursuit of technical perfection and purity of the forms, so to give life to a timeless kind of elegance. Statement to the fact that art knows no boundaries is the huge number of international clients, who come from places never touched by this artistic tradition, that keeps choosing our products. You can find distributors for our brand even in the Far East, in countries such as Vietnam and Hong Kong.

Our factory of lighting fixtures is well-known and appreciated not only for the fineness of its style but also for the excellent quality of its products. The materials we use to create every single detail, even the smallest, are always the best; only this way we can achieve our high standards. As you can tell, we only use materials from the Italian tradition, such as crystal and blown glass, ceramic and brass, which our team is able to shape with skilful hands and great expertise. 

Another feature that makes us stand out among all other factories of light fixtures is the tailor-made approach we follow to create our products. Nervilamp’s can be considered one of a kind pieces because we guarantee the highest level of customisation possible. Besides adding, removing, and replacing all the details you want, we give you the chance to show your sketches to technicians, who’ll work on them. Moreover, you can order every model in different colouring, one prettier than the other. It’s this great care we treat our clients to what makes Nervilamp an example of Italian luxury design; nowhere else you’ll find more passion and dedication.

Factory of light fixtures in Milan: our products

Then we have our products, the most straightforward proof of what’ve been talking about. Our catalogue includes many items grouped into six categories: hangings, ceiling lights, appliques, lamps, spotlights, and complements. Have you ever seen with your own eyes the effect a brass and hand-painted ceramic chandelier can have on a room? Stunning! And what about all the rest of the hangings available at Nervilamp? Majestica and awe-inspiring, they’ll become your most envied piece of furniture. 

Nervilamp, though, is much more than a simple factory of light fixtures in Milan’s area. As we were saying, we’ve specialised in the production of every possible kind of lamps. Come to our store to take a look at our appliques, real jewels for your walls to add strategic spotlights to spaces too often neglected like halls. We suggest our blown glass models, elegant and perfect in every context.

Or you could treat yourself to one of our beautiful lamps; the choice is between table and floor models in different materials. The sinuous lines so dear to Baroque are a perfect match to peculiar decorations and crystal inserts. Even our lampshades are impressive: have you seen our Lackfolies one?

Every season, Nervilamp’s catalogue gets richer and richer in collections because, even though we draw our inspiration from the past, we don’t want to repeat ourselves. And remember, if you aren’t able to find the perfect item for your house, restaurant, and hotel, you can always request tailor-made products.

The magic of Baroque awaits you in our store in Nerviano with all our collections. Nervilam has a solution also for those of you who want to buy our artisanal creation of design but can’t make it to our showroom. Who lives outside of Italy can count on our international distributors – there’s the complete list on the website – or you can check Nervilamp Shop, our well-stocked e-commerce.