Classical chandeliers are coming back  

Chandeliers have always been one of the most important elements in a traditional Italian house. Elegant and fancy, they used to occupy – quite literally – a central position, lightning up the living room. Over the years, though, we’ve watched them being replaced by less lavish and dramatic solutions, such as spotlights, which are admittedly more discrete and versatile but often lack in personality.

The world is changing, though, and so it’s the taste of the public. In hard times like the ones we’re living in right now, it is the norm for people to rediscover how important it is to prioritise quality over quantity and the beauty to be like no one else. Nervilamp‘s international success is proof of this: more and more often, people come to us to ask specifically for products that remind them of a charming and simpler past.

Production of classical chandeliers: Nervilamp’s creations

Over the past 60 years, the company headquartered near Milan has witnessed the succession of all the different styles, without betraying its true nature and the production of classical chandeliers. On the contrary, it has perfected its techniques for the creation of light fixtures inspired by Baroque. While on the background hundreds of trends came and went, leaving or not their mark in the history of Italian design, Nervilamp has kept offering tailor-made products, made to be at the centre of attention. 

To bring back chandeliers in their rightful place in the middle of the most social room of the house, Nervilamp has decided to bet on tradition and excellent quality. Our artisans choose the materials for their creations not only among the ones that were most common in traditional Italian sitting rooms but also their best varieties. It’s impossible to find brass, ceramic, glass, and crystal as good as the ones used for our light fixtures in the products by other firms. 

Production of classical chandeliers: Nervilamp’s collections

Even though the inspiration is clearly Baroque,  Nervilamp is always able to offer something new. Because of our artisans’ talent and the richness in details of our creations, this doesn’t even prove to be an impossible feat, just an exciting challenge. Crystal pendants or ones made of cameos, fine floral decorations, and lovely little angels meet the sinuous shapes of the structures of our chandeliers in an ageless production.

Take a look at the brass hanging decorated with engraved blown glass shades and crystal Schöler details; even an inexperienced eye can see the amount of care and effort it takes to achieve such perfection. If you love colours and romantic elements, your perfect chandelier looks like our hangings in brass and ceramic; we suggest the marvellous hand-painted model in a delicate shade of green. 

To see for yourself the quality of Nervilamp’s entire production of classical chandeliers, you can visit us in our shop, or you can take a look at our e-commerce Nervilamp Shop; you’ll fall in love with every single one of our models.