Nervilamp s.r.l.


Nervilamp has always represented excellence in Italy and the world.

Since its establishment in the ’60s, the company has focused its production of lighting solutions on craftsmanship, attention to detail and excellent design. These elements, along with the high quality of the products and the materials used to create the items, have allowed Nervilamp to be renowned internationally.

Our factory of interior lighting products, based in Nerviano, in the Metropolitan City of Milan, specialises in the production of suspension lamps, ceiling lights, wall lights, lamps, spotlights and decorative objects with a refined and elegant style, baroque-inspired. Choosing Nervilamp lighting solutions means transforming lounges, bedrooms, dining rooms, passageways, workplaces and reception rooms into luxury spaces with a warm and refined, typically Italian atmosphere.

Nervilamp s.r.l.

Luxury artisan manufactory

Our vast experience has allowed Nervilamp to become a point of reference in the production of luxury interior lighting not only in Italy but also overseas.

Our company’s interior lighting products can be used to create environments that recall the glitz of a distant era that has left a deep mark in many countries, especially in Europe, and whose style is now known and loved globally. They’re ideal both to decor private homes and HoReCa buildings.

Our collections express creativity, sophistication, luxury and attention to quality, with a production method that complies with EC regulations for each project.

The collaboration with a team of expert designers and talented craftsmen is at the basis of Nervilamp’s success. Their work allows the company to offer only interior lighting products with original design and exquisite artistry, impossible to find elsewhere.

Nervilamp s.r.l.

High level of customisation

Customer satisfaction for us comes first, and that’s why we always try to satisfy the requests and needs of all those who turn to our company to buy suspensions lights, ceiling lights, wall lights, lamps, spotlights and furnishing accessories.

Thanks to our sartorial approach and the ability to fully understand the smallest customer needs, we can develop highly customised lighting projects, even on design.

The main goal for Nervilamp is always to offer perfection, and we have found the formula to achieve it. Each of our creations is the result of a skilful combination of precious materials, such as bronze, brass, ceramic and Austrian crystal, and excellent craftsmanship, based on ancient working techniques.

Nervilamp s.r.l.

Capturing light in beautiful forms means giving it new life.

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