Not all lamp manufacturers are the same: the case of Nervilamp

In Italy, as in the rest of the world, there are lamp manufacturers and lamp manufacturers. As in most all others, also in the field of lighting solutions you can find very different realities that put more or less quality products on the market. While some simply follow trends and create to meet public demand, there are many others who are real trendsetters. 

The job of lamp manufacturers who want to belong to the latter category is not the easiest; how to give an original interpretation to such a common element as a lamp? We often don’t realise it, but the experience and talent required to create this type of accessory is considerable, especially if you want to achieve results that leave a mark. 

In a country like Italy, there are many lamp manufacturers who have contributed to writing the history of international design, always coming up with new ideas and bringing them to life through the use of high-quality materials and techniques perfected over time. However, in spite of this wealth of talent, it is possible to recognise some activities that have stood out – and continue to do so – for the uniqueness of their offerings. These are special realities that contribute with their work to making Italian excellence known around the world.

Nervilamp, a Lombard company based just a few kilometres from Milan, has undoubtedly earned a place of prominence among activities of this kind. In fact, for over 60 years, Nervilamp has been supplying the most beautiful chandeliers you can imagine to every corner of the globe; it is no coincidence that the most luxurious private homes, hotels, museums, and restaurants in the world have always been home to the best of Nervilamp’s creations. 

Why Nervilamp stands out from all other lamp manufacturers

But what makes this company so special that many experts consider it one of the best in Italy? Actually, there are countless things that set Nervilamp apart from every other chandelier factory in the area. While most lamp manufacturers find their inspiration in innovation and everyday life, the Nerviano-based company definitely looks back to the past when creating its products. 

All the collections Nervilamp has taken around the world in its six decades of activity include only pieces designed according to the model of the Baroque elements that were once so popular in the most elegant houses and palaces throughout Europe. This is a completely original idea that has been appreciated by a wide range of customers. 

There are not many lamp manufacturers that have known such a long lasting success. You don’t have to be an expert in art or antiques to appreciate the beauty of our chandeliers, ceiling lights, and table lamps; the subtlety of the Baroque elements presented in a new way wins everyone over at first glance. 

Another factor that makes us one of the best lamp manufacturers in the business is the quality of our production. We owe everything to the team of designers and craftsmen who put their experience and ideas at our disposal every day. Without them, we would certainly not have been able to become a company with numerous official distributors based on four continents. 

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