We should learn how to get inspired by the excellences around us

Knowing the area one lives in also means knowing its excellences, those activities created and nurtured by smart, original, and daring people. These individuals have not only been brave and persevering enough to make their dream come true but also to create opportunities for their entire communities. 

In critical times like the ones we’re living in, taking a moment to remember everything around us that should be worthy of our pride can be both a reminder of what driven men and women are able to build and a source of inspiration to try and change the world through our ideas

All around us, a lot of realities like this exist, companies known outside of Italy for their quality products. After all, our country has never lacked in style and creativity, so this shouldn’t be surprising. Nevertheless, in this article, we’d like to talk to you in particular about a Lombard factory, renowned for its Baroque chandeliers. 

Nervilamp’s history: the factory that brought Italian Baroque chandeliers all over the world

Exactly 60 years ago, in a small town near Milan, was established a factory of Baroque chandeliers, which would make Nerviano famous all over the world in a matter of years, crossing national and international borders to arrive as far as to Hong Kong and the U.S.. We’re talking about Nervilamp, a company specialised in manufacturing artisanal Baroque chandeliers. 

Do you remember when impressive lighting fixtures hung from the ceiling of every sitting and dining room? For many years this was the norm in Italy, and Baroque chandeliers were the absolute protagonist of the main rooms of the house. Over time, though, the public tastes have also changed when it comes to lighting fixtures, and so we’ve seen these products become subtler and subtler until they’ve been completely absorbed into the architecture of the house. 

Why should we lose an Italian tradition to adapt to fleeting trends, forgotten in a year time? This is precisely the idea on which Nervilamp has been built: invest in objects that speak of our past, such as Baroque chandeliers, and cater to the thousand of people who still love their elegance. 

Sixty years after the establishment of our factory of Baroque chandeliers, we can state that Giovanni Gorla was right when he decided to take his chance and embark on this great adventure. Private houses, hotels, restaurants, every place that needs a touch of old-fashioned style should host at least one Nervilamp creation.

The secret of success of Nervilamp Baroque chandeliers

It hasn’t been just a clever idea what made Nervilamp one of the most long-lived companies in the area. Behind its extraordinary results, there is also the way Baroque chandeliers are crafted. Ours is a luxurious artisanal production, in which are involved the most authoritative professionals in the industry.

Let’s start with our designers. They take care of each project from the first sketches up to the final design. To be able to recreate actual pieces of history, a lot of specific knowledge is required. All the details you can observe in any of our Baroque chandeliers – and there are many details – are studied to be identical to the original ones. However, there is always something original that makes the products unique

Whom we need to thank for the quality of our finished items are, of course, the artisans who work in our factory of Baroque chandeliers. It is only because of these incredible professionals, who can work with the most valuable and fragile materials, that even if the most ambitious projects are carried out

Another important factor for the success of Nervilamp Baroque chandeliers is the customisation service. Thanks to talented designers and artisans, in our factory of Baroque chandeliers it is possible to customise every detail in pre-existing models and to create others entirely anew. 

And let’s not forget that we’re constantly looking for the most valuable and high-performance materials with which to create our Baroque chandeliers. The varieties of brass, crystal, ceramic, and glass we use are the best available, which is something of extreme importance if we want to keep offering luxury goods to our clients.

Beyond Baroque chandeliers: Nervilamp collections

The lighting fixtures realised in our factory of Baroque chandeliers come in a wide selection of products. Besides hangings, it is possible to purchase ceiling lights, appliques, lamps, spotlight, and even mirrors and clocks in the very own Nervilamp’s Baroque style. 

If you can’t come to visit us in our store, try and have a look at Nervilamp Shop, our well-stocked e-commerce; there is no better place to give you an idea of Nervilamp production of Baroque chandeliers. Get starry-eyed from the peculiarity of our offerings and all their details is normal for those who see Nervilamp products for the first time, even if only through a computer screen. 

To buy our Baroque chandeliers and Nervilamp whole production, we offer different options. In the first place, you can come to our store in Nerviano; if you can’t, though, there is always Nervilamp Shop, or you can get in touch with one of our official distributors.