Nervilamp, Italian chandelier manufacturers for more than 60 years

Italians are famous for many things, but if you think about it, whether we’re talking about figurative arts or culinary art, it is always possible to go back to two fundamental characteristics: style and originality. Isn’t this the reason why many foreigners cross continents to buy artisanal design pieces made here in our beautiful country? 

Certainly style and originality are the main ideas that have always inspired the work of one of the realities that more than any other has contributed – and continues to do so today – to make the name of Italian craftsmanship great on an international level: Nervilamp. The factory and showroom of baroque-inspired lighting products has been the undisputed leader of this particular sector for over 6 decades now, and every year it attracts the attention of design enthusiasts from all over the world. 

There are very few Italian chandeliers manufacturers like Nervilamp. Rarely, it’s still possible to find companies that decide to base their entire production on craftsmanship and a tailor-made approach, which is why the quality of lighting solutions by Nervilamp is so difficult to replicate.

A wide and varied public for Nervilamp, undoubtedly among the best Italian chandelier manufacturers

The Italian beauty culture is certainly among the reasons why so many foreigners are attracted to our country; after all, between breathtaking landscapes, fascinating archaeological sites, some of the most important works of art in the world and a cuisine that is a masterpiece by itself, Italy has so much beauty to offer! Among these undisputed “jewels” there are also artisanal products, creations made by talented artists and technicians who have always been some of the most sought after in the world. 

It is no coincidence that a large percentage of the clientele of the major Italian chandelier manufacturers is made up of customers who live outside of Italy. The reason for this great interest is to be found in the production techniques, some of which are still very traditional and have been lost in other places. If they continue to survive today, we must thank Nervilamp and other similar realities.

Every year a factory like Nervilamp receives numerous orders from countries scattered all over the globe, from Europe and Asia to Africa and America. As proof of all this, there is the long list of official distributors who sell the creations of these special Italian chandelier manufacturers, which goes from nearby France and Croatia to distant Vietnam and Hong Kong. 

But Nervilamp is not only tradition; to get even closer to our customers and support a crucial market like the international one, we have also created an e-commerce where you can buy our products and have access to all the services that make us stand out as one of the best Italian chandelier manufacturers. Consulting Nervilamp Shop is simple and intuitive, an excellent first step to enter the magical world of Nervilamp creations.

Italian chandelier manufacturers: Nervilamp’s special traits

But what makes Nervilamp’s lighting solutions so special? If you are asking yourself this question it means that you’ve never seen one of our lamps or ceiling lights. Remember the two words we used at the beginning to describe Italian creations? Well, there are no nouns that better fit Nervilamp products than “style” and “originality”. 

Unlike many other Italian chandelier manufacturers, the company does not follow the trends of the moment; since it was founded 60 years ago, in fact, Nervilamp’s aesthetic has never changed, while continuing to offer new and original products. And why change when the most recognizable element of our creations is precisely their unique style? There are no Italian chandelier manufacturers that are able to create pieces of baroque inspiration of higher quality than Nervilamp’s ones. 

For a very long time Baroque had a huge fortune in Europe. Think of the most important palaces and salons of the past, but also of our grandmothers’ houses: until a few decades ago it was normal to find the opulence and luxury offered by Italian chandelier manufacturers in Italian homes. Then tastes changed and cherubs, volutes, and crystals had to make way for products with decidedly more sober and simple shapes, much easier to make through mass production techniques, which are the most common in this sector nowadays. 

The winning idea of the owners of Nervilamp was to focus on two great classics of Italian design: quality craftsmanship and Baroque style. As proud representatives of the category of Italian chandelier manufacturers, our team creates each product through a sartorial approach, in which each element is created by professionals with years of experience and designed by designers who know their models perfectly. Customers can choose their purchases among the products of our collections, but we are always available to customize them according to their tastes and needs. 

Nervilamp creations, the pride of all Italian chandelier manufacturers

The products made by the Italian company are very rich in details that only expert hands like those of our craftsmen can create. A chandelier from Nervilamp collections has nothing to do with those made by other manufacturers. Perfect for any environment, Nervilamp lighting solutions can be found in the most elegant private homes in the world, of course, but also in many restaurants, hotels and museums.

As luxury Italian chandelier manufacturers, we know how important quality is to our customers. For this reason, we use only the finest materials for our creations such as brass, bronze, ceramics and Austrian crystal. To increase the value of our products there are many details that every customer can choose at will, such as the color, for example.

Nervilamp collections include many models with which to illuminate your home. The main protagonists are the chandeliers with their incredible cascades of crystals; however, even table lamps, spotlights, ceiling lamps and wall lamps are no less important thanks to their fine decorations and elegant lines.

Finally, Nervilamp could have never become one of the most famous Italian chandelier manufacturers in the world if his creations were not also totally safe. All the company’s products comply with the CE regulations in force

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