Lighting fixture shops: it’s a whole different story with Nervilamp

Did you know that not all lighting fixture shops are the same? If you have never noticed this, then it means that you have never visited Nervilamp, the most unique chandelier shop in Italy. As soon as you enter Nervilamp, an incredible world of precious materials and handcrafted creations will open up to you, completely transforming your previous idea of lamps and chandeliers.

Design lovers and in particular lovers of the Baroque style find it hard to place Nervilamp in the same category as other shops of the same kind. It is true that the quality offered by these manufacturers of interior lighting articles is not comparable with the ones available in normal lighting fixture shops. Nervilamp products are true pieces of design craftsmanship that can bring light and elegance to any type of environment

The peculiarity of the creations signed Nervilamp is to be found in the unique style with which they are made; what inspires the artisans and designers who work for us are Baroque art, and lamps, ceiling lamps and suspensions that once were so common in the most stylish homes in Italy and Europe. There are not many light fixture shops in the world that can offer such a rich, opulent and refined production; this is why Nervilamp’s customers come from all over the world.

The reason why Nervilamp is the best chandelier shop in Italy

Nervilamp has been creating pieces of unique elegance and refinement since the 1960s. The company, in fact, was founded 60 years ago when the owner realised that there were no longer any lighting fixture shops able to offer high-quality, artisanal reproductions of Baroque style lamps and ceiling lights. In short, when all manufacturers began to look to the future and to new materials, which were much cheaper and much less precious, Giuseppe Gorla decided, instead, to be inspired by the past, reinterpreting it in a different way with each new collection.

At this point you are surely wondering where you can find a shop so special. Nervilamp is located in Nerviano, a small town a few kilometres from Milan, an extremely important area for Italian design. But although there are plenty of lighting fixture shops in this terrotory, none of them can really be compared to Nervilamp. 

But it’s not just the originality of the design of its products and the idea behind them that makes Nervilamp stand out from all other lighting fixture shops; there are also the talented craftsmen who create our products with skills and passion. Since Nervilamp uses some of the most precious materials available, the work of the artisans is by no means easy and cannot be improvised

A very important role is also played by those who design the new pieces. Our designers are known throughout the lighting fixture shop circuit for their creativity and ability to use the most classic Baroque elements and materials to create new and original pieces. 

Nervilamp chandelier shops: the collections

The magic of the collections you can find in Nervilamp lighting fixture shops is created by the union of everything we have talked about so far. However, words are not enough to describe the spectacular nature of one of our crystal pendants or the fine details that decorate our table lamps. If you think that all our creations are tailor-made and can be customised to suit the needs and tastes of our customers, it is easy to see why Nervilamp products are purchased all over the world. 

For more information about our collections or to find out how to visit our shop in Nerviano, visit our website!