Interior lighting companies: Nervilamp’s innovative designs inspired by the past

In a world where choice is not in short supply, it is increasingly important to stand out. Many companies and brands interpret this assumption in the same way: try as much as possible to be original by offering things never seen before. But what if the solution lies in the past?

Giovanni Gorla, the founder of Italy’s most famous and internationally acclaimed interior lighting company, must have had this idea. At a time when all designers were beginning to shift their attention to simpler lines and materials such as plastic, the Italian businessman decided to draw inspiration for the products of his newborn company from the richness of Baroque and the precious materials that had been so popular for so long in Italy’s most elegant living rooms. 

This is how Nervilamp was born in 1960, from a brilliant intuition that continues to bear fruit today more than 60 years later. Nervilamp is unique among interior lighting companies in having understood that the elegance and finesse of crystals, volutes, cherubs, and delicate floral decorations is timeless; it is no coincidence that it is virtually impossible to count the number of Italian and foreign customers who have decided to bring a touch of Baroque style into their homes by relying on our company based in  Nerviano, near Milan. 

Nervilamp products cannot be compared to those of other interior lighting companies; here’s why

The care and dedication with which the products included in the Nervilamp catalogue are created is unmatched by those of other Italian interior lighting companies, not even those in the luxury sector like us. For Nervilamp, every creation contains a piece of history; the history of the Baroque style and its use in furniture, of course, but also the glorious history of quality Italian craftsmanship

All Nervilamp chandeliers, lamps, ceiling lamps, and accessories are made in our factory in Lombardy by craftsmen who have all the necessary skills to work with prestigious materials such as crystal, blown glass, brass, and ceramic. This allows us to market products of a much higher quality than those of our competitor interior lighting companies.

Thanks to the presence in our team of professionals of this calibre, Nervilamp is also able to offer products with a very high degree of customisation. For us, making our customers happy is the most important thing, which is why from the very beginning we have given our customers the opportunity to make requests and even provide us with their drawings on which to base the creation of the products they will then purchase. 

There are not many other interior lighting companies that offer a “tailor-made” approach to the creation of lighting solutions not only in Italy, but all over the world, which is why over the decades we have attracted the attention of many foreign customers

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