Nervilamp’s contribution to the production of classic brass chandeliers

If you want to enrich the furnishing of your home or any other private or public space with classic brass chandeliers, you should take a look at the timeless proposals by Nervilamp. The Lombard company stands out internationally for its elegant and precious creations of high craftsmanship.

The products made by the Italian brand are so well known throughout the world that the number of people who have come to associate classic brass chandeliers with the name of Nervilamp is growing by the day. It is no coincidence that in the last 60 years we have managed to bring our official distributors to four continents!

In short, when talking about classic brass chandeliers, one cannot but refer to Nervilamp, one of the most successful lighting fixture factories in Italy. 

Why you should buy classic brass chandeliers in 2021

It’s hard to find a more traditional piece of furniture than classic brass chandeliers. Thanks to the use of a metal like brass and the presence of crystals and baroque-inspired decorations, these products are so reminiscent of the past and in particular of the world of European nobility and upper middle class that many find it hard to understand why the number of people who decide to become Nervilamp customers every year continues to grow. 

However, it is the memory of this distant past that makes classic brass chandeliers even more fascinating and attracts the attention of most of our customers. In this period it is very difficult to create a style of furniture that can really stand out, so buying Nervilamp products becomes almost a way to get away from the most ephemeral trends and assert one’s desire for uniqueness.

Moreover, the classic brass chandeliers created by Nervilamp’s craftsmen are not only inspired by the past in terms of style, but also – and above all – in the quality we try to offer our customers. In fact, our products are made according to a sartorial method that allows us to create true masterpieces of design.

Every detail is meticulously studied to recreate the atmosphere that inspires us and at the same time bring it into the modern world. To achieve this delicate balance between past and present, only the finest materials such as crystal, ceramics and world-famous metals are used in our factory. 

Naturally, Nervilamp classic brass chandeliers have all the CE certifications required for products entering the international market, so they are as safe as they are beautiful. 

If you would like to purchase our classic brass chandeliers or any other of our creations, but you cannot reach our shop in Nerviano – a town in the province of Milan – or one of our official dealers, we suggest you visit the online shop we opened a few years ago. This will give you the opportunity to see all the models made by our craftsmen and choose the ones you prefer without leaving the comfort of your home.