The chandelier factory Nervilamp is really unique

This may sound like an exaggeration to some, but if you have been lucky enough to see Nervilamp’s production of lighting solutions with your own eyes, you will agree that there is no other chandelier factory like it in the whole world. The uniqueness of our products, the refinement of the materials and the techniques of high craftsmanship that we use to create them are characteristics that allow us to distinguish ourselves internationally

It is precisely for this reason that Nervilamp is by far the most popular Italian chandelier factory among foreigners. Every year more and more customers from other countries are won over by the excellent quality of our spectacular hangings and elegant lamps and the exclusive services we provide for them. And we can only admit that we are delighted with this global success. 

After all, every member of our staff, from our skilled workers to our talented designers, strives day in and day out to create products that cannot be found anywhere else. A chandelier factory such as Nervilamp could only come up with lamps, ceiling lights, hangings, and accessories that are as original in their inspiration as they are in their execution. 

Why the Nervilamp chandelier factory is so special

There is one detail that characterises the entire Nervilamp production that is difficult to overlook, even by non-experts: its clear baroque inspiration. It is no coincidence that we are known worldwide as the chandelier factory that best interprets this style, which was once so popular in the most elegant homes and palaces in Europe. 

Fine decorations, precious materials and unmistakable lines: these are the elements taken from this tradition and that cannot be missing in the products included in the collections that have been leaving the Lombardy chandelier factory for over 60 years in order to reach customers all over the globe. The results are so spectacular that it is easy to see why our pieces can be found in the world’s most elegant hotels, restaurants and private homes. 

However, another feature that should not be underestimated is the work of the workers employed at our chandelier factory. The creation of such unique and precious items requires the use of highly precise techniques, and it is for this reason that the Nervilamp team has decided to draw a second time from the great tradition of Italian craftsmanship. 

All the products made in the Nervilamp chandelier factory are created according to a sartorial principle that allows customers to buy pieces made to measure according to their personal needs and tastes. As well as offering a wide range of options in terms of colours and materials, our craftsmen and designers are always at the customer’s disposal to personalise their purchases. 

At the end of the day, this is the biggest advantage of working with a Made in Italy manufacturer: the ability to purchase design elements of a much higher quality than those offered by other similar businesses. 

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