Look who’s back! The return of vintage Italian brass chandeliers

One of the most popular trends of recent years – at least according to insiders and top magazines – is undoubtedly the rediscovery of styles that were thought to be out of fashion. We are seeing this everywhere, from fashion to interior design. 

This is why more and more people are looking for vintage Italian brass chandeliers, pieces that are undoubtedly of great impact and have the ability to completely transform a room with their presence alone. It’s no coincidence that interior designers suggest these very items to their clients when they need to add a little bit of personality and originality to a project. 

But where do you buy vintage Italian brass chandeliers? Antiques have the bad habit of not being easy to find and, another important factor to take into consideration, of not being very reliable. So, let’s rephrase the question a little: where can you buy vintage Italian brass chandeliers that comply with all international regulations regarding these products?

The answer is very simple: at Nervilamp, of course!

What’s so special about Nervilamp’s vintage Italian brass chandeliers?

Nervilamp is the only lighting manufacturer in the world to have decided to dedicate its entire production to rediscovering the Baroque style. And with over 60 years of experience in creating vintage Italian brass chandeliers, we can safely say that no one can reproduce the opulence and elegance of that period as perfectly as our team. 

If you too would like to add an unexpected touch to your home or restaurant – there are so many high end establishments and hotels that use Nervilamp – we suggest you visit our online store and take a look at the beautiful vintage Italian brass chandeliers we have created. 

Remember that a key feature of our vintage Italian brass chandeliers is their sartorial character. Every piece that comes out of our company is the result of the collaboration between very talented craftsmen who use only the best materials and designers who are always ready to design unique products according to the customer’s requests. 

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