Italian company Nervilamp is the best among the world’s baroque chandelier manufacturers

For more than 60 years, an Italian company has been at the forefront of Baroque chandelier manufacturers worldwide. Thanks to its production of high craftsmanship and a whole series of exclusive services designed to meet customers’ needs, including international ones, Nervilamp has managed to achieve incredible results, if you think that at the beginning it was just a small family-run factory. 

Over time, however, Nervilamp has grown, bringing great wealth to the area in which it is located and great satisfaction to all its staff. The reason for this success, of course, cannot be one single reason, but we know that without one particular feature we would never have become one of the best Baroque chandelier manufacturers in the world. 

What are we referring to? The particular type of production we offer our customers, of course! Instead of conforming to the fashions of the past decades, Nervilamp has decided to never betray its baroque inspiration and to create original and unique collections of chandeliers, lamps, wall and ceiling lights with character. 

Baroque chandelier manufacturers: what is so special about Nervilamp’s proposals

All Baroque chandelier manufacturers are well aware that in order to be able to market quality lighting solutions inspired by this incredible style, it is necessary to invest in high quality raw materials and to have at one’s disposal not only a group of professionals capable of working them to the best of their ability, but also expert designers who know how to offer up-to-date and original reinterpretations of this artistic tradition.

Nervilamp excels in these areas, so much so that it has earned a place of absolute prestige among Baroque chandelier manufacturers. Let’s start with the materials used in our factory; our products are made from precious metals and crystals, chosen from the best available. In addition, our products are characterised by unique details in ceramics, fabric and other materials. 

Moreover, Nervilamp can count on a team of specialised craftsmen to transform these fine raw materials into the beautiful creations included in our rich catalogue. Not many Baroque chandelier manufacturers can count on this kind of professionalism, typical of our region. 

Even the designers who work with us are known in the baroque chandelier industry for their talent. All our products are famous for their uniqueness and the richness of the details with which they are decorated; if you want to step back into a fairytale past and give your home a touch of elegance and style, take a look at the Nervilamp collections.

Finally, remember that every piece we offer is completely customisable. Not only can customers choose from a variety of options in terms of materials and colours, but we are also available to bring your designs to life. So how can you be surprised by Nervilamp’s leading position among the world’s Baroque chandelier manufacturers?

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