Nervilamp has been at the centre of the sale of chandeliers in Milan scene for more than half a century.

The Lombard company Nervilamp has been involved in the sale of chandeliers in Milan, the rest of Italy, and the rest of the world for more than 60 years, acting as an ambassador of Italian excellence on four continents. In all these years we have managed to build something important not only for us, but for our entire territory, and it is this result that makes us particularly proud. 

Knowing that what began as a small family-run company in the sector of the sale of chandeliers in Milan has grown so much that it has become one of the best-known companies of its kind on an international level is certainly a great honour and an incentive to never be satisfied and to always offer a first-rate service to all our dear customers.

Although the main feature of Nervilamp and its production is the clear inspiration to the past not only in the style of products, but also in the techniques used for their realization that refer to the famous Italian craftsmanship, in the field of the sale of chandeliers in Milan our company stands out for its innovative proposals that are regularly included in our ever-evolving catalogue. 

Sale of chandeliers in Milan: Nervilamp and its unique “tailor-made” offerings.

The truth is that there is no other company that deals with the sale of chandeliers in Milan as Nervilamp. The fundamental values of our company, in fact, focus on the quality of our products and services, creating a production of chandeliers, table lamps, appliques, spotlights and even furnishing accessories that cannot be found elsewhere. 

Take any of the products available in our catalogue or on our e-commerce Nervilamp Shop and you will discover that the care with which every detail is studied and created is always the same: absolute. It is no coincidence that many people compare our chandeliers to jewels in terms of their value and elegance.

The way we have always approached the creation of lighting solutions is similar to the creative process of great tailors: each of our products is handmade and can be modified according to the requests and needs of our customers. Those who turn to our activity of sale of chandeliers in Milan do so knowing that here they can buy unique pieces, made to measure for them and their homes. 

Moreover, the entire Nervilamp production is made exclusively in Italy. Our workshops are places that are always full of energy and passion, where craftsmen and designers combine their skills to create the most original lamps of all types ever seen. 

But you can’t talk about Nervilamp without at least mentioning our stylistic inspiration. If you love the splendour of the Baroque and of the typical Italian aristocratic salons of the past, then you need to visit us at our headquarters near Milan or take a look at our online shop. 

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