There are Italian designer chandeliers and Italian designer chandeliers, just ask Nervilamp!

Would you like to buy Italian designer chandeliers and at the same time support local companies that still make their products in the traditional way? Is your house or restaurant lacking a touch of originality to give the rooms character in a very personal way? Have you always been attracted by precious materials and fascinated by Italian craftsmanship? 

If the answer to all these questions is a resounding yes, then you can count yourself lucky, because you’ve stumbled – who knows whether by chance or a twist of fate – on the blog of a company that has been bringing Italian designer chandeliers to the world for over 60 years without ever losing its nature of being linked to the territory and traditional values. 

We are talking about Nervilamp, the most important factory of Baroque style Italian designer chandeliers. Ours is a production made up of thousands of fine details, top quality materials and a refined aesthetic, which is why, although we have never moved our headquarters from a small town the north of Italy, we have managed to reach all continents, often even with official distributors. 

But Nervilamp is much more than just a brand. As we were saying a moment ago, in our Italian designer chandeliers you can find all the best characteristics of the manufacturing industry of the past that have made our country – and in particular this area of Italy – a true reference point throughout the world. It is no coincidence that even today many foreigners come to learn how to make chandeliers from Nervilamp’s craftsmen!

Nervilamp and its Italian designer chandeliers, a pair capable of still offering great surprises

Despite more than 60 years in business, Nervilamp is still able to offer collections that are sure to amaze. In a world where clean lines and industrial materials have long reigned supreme, our company has managed to become number one in the field of Italian designer chandeliers thanks to the originality of its products, which are entirely inspired by tradition. 

All Nervilamp Italian designer chandeliers have a unique magic that undoubtedly comes from our designers’ ability to bring back to life a style that has been a favourite of wealthy families across Europe for decades. Our products capture people’s attention like very few other light design elements, thanks to the skilful use of fine decoration and luxurious materials

If you are curious to take a look at our Italian designer chandeliers and confirm with your own eyes that everything we have described so far is true, why not visit the Nervilamp Shop online store? Here you will find all the elements of our most popular collections, often at very a good price. 

If you are able to get to our showroom, here are all the directions that will help you find us.

See you soon!