For crystal pendant lamps go to Nervilamp 

Until a few decades ago, crystal pendant lamps were the undisputed protagonists of the most important rooms in a house. Living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and, outside of private homes, restaurant and hotel rooms, any space in which such an element was present could be transformed as if by magic. 

But why keep talking about crystal pendant lamps in the past tense? The Italian company Nervilamp is still known around the world for its highly crafted products inspired by Baroque style, so popular in the most luxurious homes and palaces in Europe. You can take a piece of that distant world, where every object was unique and made to measure for each person. 

What’s so special about Nervilamp crystal pendant lamps? 

If you’re wondering what’s so special about crystal pendant lamps, it means you’ve never seen one in person; standing in front of one of these beautifully crafted creations is an experience that will change your mind about lighting products. The wow effect is even stronger when you are lucky enough to see one of the elements of the Nervilamp collections.

The Lombard company uses the finest materials available on the market to create unique and spectacular crystal pendant lamps, perfect for use as the focal point of any room you wish to place them in. Our production plant in Nerviano, a small town in the province of Milan, still employs traditional techniques that allow us to offer our customers products of the highest quality.

One of the main features of Nervilamp crystal pendant lamps is that they are completely customisable. As well as allowing the creation of made-to-measure elements of this type, we also offer the possibility of customising the models we have in our catalogue through the choice of colour and decorative elements.

Visit us at our shop in Nerviano or visit our e-commerce to discover all the crystal pendant lamps by Nervilamp.