Nervilamp classic brass appliques are versatile and stylish solutions

For the purchase of classic brass appliques that are not only beautiful to look at, but also of fine workmanship, there is only one company in the world to turn to: Nervilamp. The Made in Italy brand has made a name for itself in its 60 plus years of activity as much for the carefully crafted design of its products as for their excellent quality. 

If you have the desire to buy classic brass appliques for your home, or because you are a professional interior designer and are working on the design of a restaurant or luxury hotel, know that at Nervilamp you will always have a wide range of original proposals to choose from. Visit our online shop to get an idea of what we are talking about!

After all, classic brass appliques are one of the most versatile and useful lighting solutions you can find in a shop specialising in the sale of lamps and chandeliers, so it is more than understandable that interest in these products is so high. In fact, our customers come from all over the globe to secure one of our spectacular creations. 

But what makes Nervilamp’s classic brass appliques so interesting? Why is it that enthusiasts of design and refined materials love our unique proposals so much, even though they are inspired by the traditional style of our country? To find out, we invite you to keep us company for a while longer.

Let’s discover the secrets of the classic brass appliques by Nervilamp

The first element to emphasise when talking about the classic brass appliques made by Nervilamp is their inspiration from the Baroque style. If, like us, you love precious decorations and the luxury typical of this artistic and aesthetic current, our company is exactly what you need.

In charge of the design of all our creations, from the richest chandeliers to the simplest classic brass wall sconces, is a team of talented professionals who know the characteristics of the Baroque to perfection. This is the only way to recreate the splendour and originality of one of the styles that has most influenced European design throughout history.  

The classic brass appliques made at our factory – located in Italy in a small town just a few kilometres from Milan, just as they were 60 years ago – are distinguished not only by their sophisticated design, but also by the quality materials from which they are made. We use a special brass casting for the structure, while for many of our lampshades and the various decorations that we apply to the products in our catalogue we have decided to go for the prestige of Schöler crystal. Other noteworthy materials are glass and fine fabrics, which are also mainly chosen for the creation of elegant lampshades. 

In addition, we would like to emphasise that the range of classic brass appliques by Nervilamp is extensive. We can even provide you with solutions specially designed for picture lighting. 

For more information on our luxury production, we encourage you to get in touch with us by clicking here.