The Nervilamp lamp factory offers products that cannot be found elsewhere

Nervilamp is an all-Italian lamp factory unlike any other of its kind in the world. How come? If you’re asking yourself this question, it means that you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing our incredible products of high craftsmanship up close. In fact, the Nervilamp catalogue is full of proposals that are impossible to find elsewhere and which give you the sensation of finding yourself in another world, made up of the most precious and the finest details. 

It is no coincidence that our company is also known on the other side of the world as the number one lamp factory of its kind. Yes, because there is no other manufacturer able to reinterpret baroque art and transform it into lighting solutions as Nervilamp has been doing for more than 60 years. 

In fact, the distinctive feature of our lamp factory is its inspiration from this important European artistic movement, which for a long time was so popular in the homes of the wealthiest people throughout the continent. Not only that, but Nervilamp is also known for the very high quality of its creations, made by highly experienced craftsmen

Are you thinking of giving a touch of character to your home, restaurant, shop or hotel? Continue reading this article, we are sure that our talk about this lamp factory and its fantastic catalogue will help you to transform every room in an original way. 

The Nervilamp lamp factory is one of the best examples of Made in Italy excellence

There are many reasons that have made the international success of a lamp factory like Nervilamp possible; in order to become a real Made in Italy excellence, in fact, you can’t only offer very beautiful products – like our lamps and chandeliers -, but you must constantly strive to improve the quality of your offer

This is why our team is made up only of talented and highly competent employees. The lighting factory in the province of Milan employs both craftsmen who are able to handle extremely valuable materials and use them to create never-before-seen chandeliers, and designers who are able to take inspiration from the past and turn it into completely new ideas. 

The lighting solutions that come out of our lamp factory are characterised by an undoubted elegance and refinement; we cannot deny it, Nervilamp products are not for everyone, but anyone who loves art and luxury will be won over at first sight. Every Nervilamp creation is made up of thousands of details, impossible to grasp by looking at it superficially.

Finally, we would like to remind you that another strong point of our business is the customisation service we offer. At the Nervilamp lamp factory all products are made to measure, according to the specific requests and needs of the customer. 

To get an idea of what it’s like to work in our lamp factory, we invite you to visit our official blog; here you will find out what makes Nervilamp so special that it is chosen by customers from all over the world!