The quality of Italian light fixture companies: discover Nervilamp

Not too far away from Milan, precisely in Nerviano, there is a very special company that during the last 60 years has earned not only a place of honour among the others in the area, but also on the international scene. We are talking about Nervilamp, one of the most renowned light fixtures firms in the field, thanks to the exquisitely artisanal flavour of its products.

Since that long past day in 1960 when it was established, the company has grown exponentially, so much so that today its creations can be admired all over the world. What sets Nervilamp apart from all the other light fixtures factories is the precise artistic direction the founder Giovanni Gorla and his staff decided for the production to take. Those who visit our store in Nerviano get transported in a completely different timeframe, that of the salons of Italian nobility where the splendour and opulence of the furniture were commonplace. 

Especially in our standardised society in which most align their taste to the majority’s, companies such as Nervilamp are of extreme importance to offer the chance to furnish houses and other spaces according to one’s style. There are still many people who love the extravagant ways that for so long characterised noble palaces all around Europe. With its always up to date catalogue, the firm wants to reach all those people and their unique homes.  

It is simple to understand what inspires Nervilamp’s light fixtures; nevertheless, these products can be easily inserted in every location one wants to give a luxury touch to through details such as a chandelier or other accessories. Here lies Nervilamp’s strength, what has made it a leader among Italian and international light fixture firms.

Nervilamp’s products

Over the years, Nervilamp has created a complete catalogue in which one can find every kind of light fixtures available on the market. The artisans that work for the factory skilfully create hangings, appliques, ceilings lights, spotlights, lamps, and even other types of accessories, such as mirrors and clocks.

Nervilamp hangings, in particular, stands out for the fineness and opulence of both their design and materials. Chandeliers like these are the indisputable protagonist of every space, even the richest ones and not only because of their size. Every detail comes from a thorough study and our artisans’ experience: only this precious baggage of knowledge has allowed us to achieve such remarkable results. The painstaking search for the perfect material is also an important part of our creation process: we only use the best crystal, brass, glass, and ceramic on the market. An unbreakable bond between quality and creativity, this is our idea of luxury.

The uniqueness of Nervilamp creations is another one of our distinctive features; whereas most light fixtures tend to disappear and blur in the background, those by Nervilamp cannot do such thing thanks to their lavish decorations that make them unmissable. And it is the same for each product of ours.

Moreover, thanks to the great experience of our artisans, it is possible to customise our products according to everyone’s needs. We are lucky to have clients that are experts in everything that is beauty and style; for this reason, we are always happy to apply their ideas and suggestion to our projects. Therefore, a client can not only choose the colour of the piece they are interested in but also ask for a particular detail or decoration. Also, we can craft light fixtures based on our clients’ designs.

Nervilamp worldwide

Nervilamp proudly exports Italian quality worldwide. It is only thanks to our artisans’ tailor-made approach and their attention to details – a typical characteristic of Italian design – if we have been able to take our products all over the world.

In order to keep in touch with this section of our clientele, we have created a dense network of distributors that links four continents. Asia, America, Africa, and Europe, Nervilamp products are now available well beyond Italian borders, which is for us the most significant proof of the excellence of our products.

Another service we offer and that sets us apart from the other producers of interior lighting solutions is our presence on the internet with a well-stocked online store. Online shopping is perfect for those who cannot easily reach a retailer; for this reason, the website has been designed to be user-friendly, especially for international clients. The products are grouped in very practical categories and subcategories; moreover, to guarantee the same experience to both online shoppers and those who go to the actual shop, the entire catalogue is available. 

Visit Nervilamp store in Nerviano, near Milan; here our shop assistants will lead you on a journey among the best of Italian luxury design.