A chandelier production like the one by Nervilamp is impossible to find

A chandelier production as special as the one that has made the Italian company Nervilamp world famous is hard to find, we can assure you. Nowadays, when we think of lighting solutions offered by both the most important names in design and more affordable firms, a precise type of product comes to mind, something we would recognise as belonging to our times. 

Unfortunately, however, this widespread similarity has made it increasingly difficult to find something original to decorate our homes and other spaces with. What must a chandelier production have in order to stand out from all the others on the market?

As we were saying, one of the few companies really able to answer this question is Nervilamp, an artisanal manufacturer that over the last 60 years has continued to produce chandeliers that are completely different from those found in stores and showrooms. If there is one thing that can be said with certainty, it is that the design of the products made in our factory in Milan has never been influenced by passing trends!

Yes, because the feature that first jumps to the eye of our chandelier production is its inspiration to the magical and luxurious world of the Baroque, the artistic current that for many centuries influenced the style of the most important and richest residences throughout Europe. If you think the excesses of the Baroque are the touch your home is missing, keep reading to discover what else makes Nervilamp products special.

Discovering the secrets of Nervilamp’s decade-long success in chandelier production

Since it made its debut in the lighting industry more than six decades ago, Nervilamp has won everyone over not only with the original design of its products, so different from anything that was usually on offer, but also with the high quality of its chandelier production. And it is precisely this characteristic of our products that we are most proud of, especially since nothing has changed since then.  

In fact, to bring our chandeliers to life, we still use the traditional craftsmanship techniques that have made our country famous all over the world and that allow us to produce products of sartorial perfection. We are even always willing to make custom-made items for our customers. 

The quality of Nervilamp’s chandelier production is further enhanced by the materials used. Only the best elements on the market are used to bring our articles to life, from the metals of the structure to the crystals of the decorative elements. 

And what about the team of professionals behind the production of Nervilamp chandeliers? Without the experience and talent of our designers and craftspeople, we would never have been able to maintain our success for so long and make a name for ourselves all over the globe. 

If you are curious to see for yourself the spectacular nature of our chandelier production, we suggest you visit our e-commerce Nervilamp Shop or find out how you can visit us at our showroom